Legacy Tree Root Renovation

Older trees are a legacy from the past. They might be fifty, one-hundred, or even two-hundred-year-old oaks, maples, beeches, hickories, or any number of conifers. They predate your ownership of your property and often predate your arrival on the planet.

Green Cross has two programs that can help protect these invaluable and irreplaceable trees. First, our ongoing Green Shield insect and disease control program for tree and shrub healthcare automatically includes monitoring and care for any older trees on your property. Second, even if you have just one legacy tree, we can establish a program for the care and maintenance of that tree.

Soil compaction is the most common tree health problem we encounter. Tree roots and virtually all beneficial soil organisms respire, so healthy soils must have enough air in them to allow roots sufficient respiration. Most soils in cultivated settings, like your yard, have been compacted at some point by construction, renovation, excavation, and other activities that close up air spaces in the soil, making it harder for tree roots and healthy soil organisms to thrive.

Soil compaction around tree roots can be fixed. We have specialized equipment and organic soil amendments that fluff up the soil around legacy tree roots and keep it breathable. This has a significant long-term beneficial impact on older, legacy trees.

Other factors that adversely impact the health of these legacy trees include resource competition, herbicide damage, and under and over-irrigation. A site visit and consultation with one of our certified arborists can help determine an appropriate course of action to care for and preserve your trees.